Enjoy Traditional Activity in Cinangneng Tourism Village

 Do you remember my last post yesterday? I want to continue my story about Amazing International Summer Course 2016.  In day-1, after we learn about sustainability from Faiz sensei in the classroom, we went to Kampung Wisata Cinangneng or Cinangneng Tourism Village. In Cinangneng, we divided by group A, B, C and D. The first activity that we do is playing angklung together. We sing an Indonesian traditional song and all of the participant playing the angklung by each job like a “do, re, mi, etc”. It’s very interesting, especially for a Japanese student. As an Indonesian student, I’m euphoric and proud to be Indonesian, because in this activity we can show and explain to Japanese student about Indonesian tradition. 

After we have finished playing angklung, we continue Poelang Kampung program with walked around Cinangneng village to see about the home industry or small medium enterprise. 

It was very exciting when we try to learn planting paddy in the field and bathing buffalo in the river. We are back to traditional activity. We spend our time together in Cinangneng Village until evening. 

After we are bathing buffalo, we playing Sundanese gamelan, painting in caping and making a traditional drink.  We learn to make "Ginger drink" or "Jahe" I’m very like this activity, it’s fun and memorable!

Wisma Wageningen, 5 November 2016
Vita Ayu Kusuma Dewi