In The Heart : De Hearty English Version

Hai sobat..Gimana kabarnya?? Semoga selalu dalam lindungan-Nya :) 
Kali ini saya mau ngasih tau nich english versionnya dihati by de hearty.. Kalau biasanya kalian taunya yang berbahasa Indonesia kali ini bisa dilihat versi inggrisnya ^_^

in the heart,we explore together,
when the time come,when the moment come
we feel something,
wade loving ocean with the piousness
in light,
cloudy shinning to our emotion

eventhrough we alone we can

stand it,
for all the pain of my heart,
we wish the kindness will be
shine brightly,
light up the darkness of the

can you give me the strange,

in the searching for shine,
in the path we are facing,
the happiness and the sadness

together with all the friends,

to faces all the challenge,
eventhrough we have some problem,
never we doleful

we are will be together,

overcome our problems,
together unite pacify the soul
that have restless,
we are promise together,
stedy string our faithful,
success to forward our
dreaming gate,
what we want to get

in the heart,we together,

in the heart, we take our step,
don't separate our relationship,
don't spoilt our friendship

Suka?? sayang mp3nya tak cari belum ada tapi ditunggu sajalah nanti pasti ada :) Owhya..ada yang ga tau tha lagunya de hearty?? Waduh...dowload aja di 4shared ada macem - macem tu.. Lagunya keren ga kalah keren ma yang biasa. hehehe :) Yaudah cukup sekian 

Ngawi, 21 Juni 2011