Amazing International Summer Course 2016

Hallo everyone? This is the first time using english on my blog. I'm sorry for my bad english. I just try.. please tell me if I wrong.hehe.. Once again...please don't laugh me because my english... :'D 

I'm very confused when I got an email that SPS accepted me to join Summer Course 2016. Maybe every day in one week I try to get someone that can replace my position. I have confused because I have class every day, and I must prepare ENJ 2016. But, SPS say everyone can't change my position and I can't be canceled this program. Since that, I believe maybe this is my way to upgrade myself and Allah has some planning to me. Ok, this is my story....

International Summer Course Program 2016 was held in Bogor Agricultural University on 14-22 September 2016 with the theme is “Practical Biore-sources & Agricultural Sciences Towards Regional Sustainability”. Participants of this program are undergraduate and a graduate student from many universities. Summer Course Program 2016 organized by Bogor Agricultural University in collaboration with Ibaraki University, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Kagawa University, University of Ryukyus, Ehime University and Ehime University. The main aim of this program is to understand regional sustainability using multifaceted research of sustainable agriculture. For attaining the purpose of this program, in this summer course involves many activity programs. Such as plenary lectures, students presentation, field practices, group dis-cussion and field trip. For Indonesian students, summer course is one of the ways to introduce about Indonesia to another country, also foreign can make this summer course to be unity in diversity.

 All participant of International Summer Course Program 2016

Plenary Lectures
Plenary lectures in Summer Course 2016 divided by 5 sessions, there is introductory lecture about sustainability (M.Faiz Sensei), Palm Oil Processing (Nur Wulandari Sensei), Local Wisdom in Baduy (Wigna Sensei), Climate Changes (Masutomi Sensei), and Sakagami Sensei research report. Mostly plenary lecture held on day-2, because on day-2 we just have classroom activity.
Faiz sensei on stage in Day 1

Day 1. My Amazing Calm People in A Group 

I’m very glad to introduce A group. We are new family since day-1. We have motto “Unity in Diversity”. The member of this group is Kensyu, Moeka, Mai from Ibaraki University, Me (Vita), Septi, Rudy, Hafiz from Bogor Agricultural University, Takuya from University of Ryukyus and our leader in A group is Ukegawa from Kagawa University. Every day is happy if we are together. We are enjoying our summer course activity and feel different group from another group. We also called our group is “calm group” because mostly in A group the blood type is O. So, we are the same character. Until now, we still keep contact each other, and keep lunch/dinner together with Ukke and Indonesian student.

My amazing group

Calm group

to be continue...
Wisma Wageningen, 1 November 2016
Vita Ayu Kusuma Dewi